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Kruger Safari 30th November '16


I have to admit I was hesitant in trying out some of the lodges in Kruger. ┬áPrevious experiences have been with me being stuck in a convoy of vehicles, on a tarred road, all trying to see some lion sitting in the shade on the roadside. I really could have been in Longleat Adventure Park!…read more…

Feeding Baby White Rhinos 3rd October '16


I could hear the snuffling, snorting and mewing of the two baby rhino anticipating their midnight feed. Needless to say I was a little bit blurry eyed as I staggered downstairs to prepare their formula milk. I imagine it is rather similar to feeding small children except that the quantities are vast! We are talking…read more…

Trekking in Africa – Take a walk on the Wild Side 13th September '16

Trekking in wildlife reserves in Africa is a truly memorable experience. The Kingdom of Swaziland positively encourages people to explore its game parks, of course only those that have do not have any of the Big 5 – elephant, rhino, buffalo, lion and leopard. Escape mass tourism and discover real Africa on foot. The Kingdom…read more…

A day in magical Malolotja 1st August '16

Wonderful Malolotja! There is is something special about Malolotja, a magical land in the north east of Swaziland. Rolling mountains dotted with roaming blesbok, granite out crops with dassies perched on top on the look out for eagles and stunted vegetation allowing you to look as far as they eye can see, it is a…read more…

Opening Ceremony for Mlindzini Kitchen 28th July '16


“We are on our way” I explained to Ernest Mabaso, as Bongani skilfully negotiated the dirt road up to Mlindzini High School. “That is great” said Ernest, “the MP has just arrived.” Ernest is the Head teacher of Mlindzini High School and has been an coiner dibble a set to the whole process of setting…read more…


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