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Fussy Ground Hornbills 24th July '16


Ground hornbills are notoriously fussy birds. They only breed once a year and it is cooperative breeding, so only the alpha male and female breed. The remaining birds help feed the mother when she is on the nest and then the chicks after hatching. The alpha female produces 2 eggs a year, of which only…read more…

A lunch too far… 20th July '16


“If I have anymore I will vomit,” said Zanele. I whole heartedly agreed, 4 lunches in 3 hours is a bit excessive. If I do not see chicken and rice for a month I will be delighted. I was with Charli, Suzy, Alice and Caislin on a World Vision visit to the sponsor children of…read more…

Resource Centre Build, will they complete on time? 16th July '16


On arriving at the project site the team was faced with a slab, a slab of concrete 30m x 10 m waiting for the team to build a resource centre on it.  Rather a formidable task to do in 6 days… The team from St Helen and St Katharine School had chosen to fund and build…read more…

A Day in Mlindzini 13th July '16


The sun came up on a cold morning, it was very cold! We had camped in the School grounds of Mlindzini High School, way high up in the south west of Swaziland. It really is practically at the end of a very very long dirt road. A mission to get to but well worth the…read more…

A Blind Safari… How on earth does that work? 2nd June '16

learning about natural selection, on the hoof!

“A blind safari!” exclaimed friends. This was often the response when I said that I was going to take visually impaired people on safari to Africa. “Surely Africa is all about seeing things.” Funnily enough, I initially was inclined to agree but then when I really thought about it my first sense would be the…read more…


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