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A Blind Safari… How on earth does that work? 2nd June '16

learning about natural selection, on the hoof!

“A blind safari!” exclaimed friends. This was often the response when I said that I was going to take visually impaired people on safari to Africa. “Surely Africa is all about seeing things.” Funnily enough, I initially was inclined to agree but then when I really thought about it my first sense would be the…read more…

Probably the friendliest traffic cops in the world… 4th May '16


The traffic policeman, in an unusually bright jacket stood in the road with his hand help up high, saluting the sky, I groaned inwardly as I knew I had been caught speeding. It is far too easy to exceed the speed limit in Swaziland, long open stretches of road, as far as the eye can…read more…

5 Highlights of Botswana 14th March '16

Elephant in the evening sun in Chobe

So what are the highlights of Botswana? Botswana is absolute heaven for anyone interested in wildlife and scenery.

Big 5, Little 5, Ugly 5, Shy 5 and Impossible 5 12th January '16

lion - Big 5

The Big 5 The Big 5 refers to five large mammals found in Africa which are the lion, leopard, elephant, rhino and cape buffalo.  So why not a hippo, or a giraffe, they are quite big aren’t they? The hippo certainly is. The reason for the Big 5 name is that these five animals were the…read more…

Safari and Beach 19th November '15


Safari and beach holidays are becoming increasingly popular, which is not particularly surprising. Combining the exhilaration and thrills of going on safari (and also those early morning starts to be sure you get the best sightings) with the relaxation and sheer luxury of a remote beach lodge result in an ideal holiday for many of us,…read more…


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