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Our Philosophy

We are an award winning provider of authentic and exclusive holidays in Africa. With Sense Africa, you will travel responsibly to environmentally and culturally conscious locations. In addition to seeing wildlife and scenery, you’ll get to feel the culture and return home with glorious memories of Africa. Click here for more information on responsible travel.

Environmental care

Wildlife watching is often high up on people’s list and we create intimate and bespoke safaris where game viewing does not disturb the wildlife and the ecological impact on the surrounding area is minimal. Sense Africa also has a passion for nature and conservation, providing an environmentally sound and ecologically friendly experiences. Jenny Bowen, Director of Sense Africa, is a professional ecologist and this ethos is woven into Sense Africa.

The scenery of Africa is so varied and there are many unique and memorable ways to explore it. Why not hike the mountains of Malolotja, mekoro the Okavango Delta, night safari in Etosha, dive the Indian Ocean, camp in the bushveld of Hlane, sand board the Namibian dunes or simply sit by a waterhole and watch the wildlife come in. We want to make your holiday in Africa special for you and in inspiring surroundings.

Cultural support

Cultural experiences are a strength of Sense Africa and these are carefully managed so that everyone benefits. Visit traditional communities to learn about the local way of life, spend time in a school, join a church service, meet a traditional healer and have the bones thrown for you or even participate in a much needed community project.Let us know what you want to do and we can arrange this for you.


As testament to our dedication to tourism we’ve won a number of awards, some of which are shown below. We’ve been awarded Sustainable Business Award 2019 by Global Business Insight. And a we were the winner of the Luxury Travel Awards in 2015 – Travel Specialist, Swaziland (now Eswatini). It is good to be recognised for the work that we do in Eswatini, alongside the Eswatini Tourism Authority, in raising awareness about what this spectacular and unique Kingdom has to offer.

Sustainable toruism award










With our vast knowledge and experience we can help create your ultimate holiday in Africa so that you can explore the continent at your own pace, without compromising comfort.

Relax and ‘Sense Africa’ for yourself.

Dave Thomas
“Getting from A to B is not important, it’s what you see during the journey that makes it all worth while.

During our journeys your infectious enthusiasm, specialist knowledge, love of Africa and Swaziland – its people, culture and wildlife in particular, illustrated Sense Africa is pertinently named as our senses are still buzzing from our experiences.

Thank you.”