Press Releases for Sense Africa


Here are some articles that have been in the press about Sense Africa. Happy reading!

Tour Operator’s Company under the spotlight in Christmas edition of Travel Guide Specialist Lonely Planet
Total Swindon, December, 2019

Travel Expert Creates New Business Offering Unusual Holidays To Discover The Hidden Wonders Of India
Total Bristol, October, 2019

Seeing Eswatini on Foot was Beautiful, Walking Women
Swazi Observer, 2 July, 2019

For the love of Africa and Sense Africa
Portishead and Clevedon Resident, March 2019

Ecologist Jenny Bowen Publishes Second Book Celebrating her Love for Africa.
Total guide to Bath and Total guide to Bristol, 25 Jan 2019

UK’s St Helen and St Katharine Pupils Support Mhlumeni Dream
Swazi Observer, 8 August, 2018

Sense Africa, STA partnership in voluntourism solidifies
Swazi Observer, 5 August, 2018

Sense Africa helps complete Elderly Home at Tambankhulu
Swazi Observer, 2 August, 2018

UK’s Abbey Gate College donates E51,000 kitchen to Mbita Primary
Swazi Observer, 26 July, 2018

STA welcomes UK volunteer tourists
Swazi Observer, 18 July, 2018

High-quality hospitality shapes tourist perceptions about SD
Swazi Observer, 5 July, 2017

UK Learner’s E60,000 Gesture to Tambankulu
Swazi Observer, 3 August, 2016

UK’s Abbey Gate School spend over E60,000 at Mlindzini High School
Swazi Observer, 29 July, 2016

A Brother from Another Mother – Volunteer Tourism brings Contemporary Saying to Life
Sunday Observer, 17 July, 2016

Explore on Your Own Steam on a Self Drive Safari to Namibia – Expert Tips
2 Feet Africa, April 14, 2016

STA makes history, as partner brings ‘blind’ tourists
Swazi Observer, 12 April 2016.

Design your own Bespoke Swaziland Safari: Top Tips for an Unforgettable Trip
Simply Holiday Deals, March 18, 2016.

African Adventure: Volume 11 (Creative Portfolio Series)
Jenny Bowen, Amazon, February 25, 2016

Top 10 Safari Lodges of Namibia
Backpackers Travel Magazine, February 23, 2016.

10 Reasons to Visit Namibia
1FunGrl Travels, February 15, 2016

A Walk on the Wild Side
The Holiday Magazine, February 2016.

Exploring Darkest Africa: Safari Safety Off the Beaten Track
Postcards to Seattle, February 7, 2016.

Nordic Walking: A Great Way to Get to Know Swaziland
WorldWideWriter, February 1, 2016

Safari and Beach Holiday Combo: The Perfect African Safari Experience
Mother Distracted, January 28, 2016

An Arid Adventure – The Namibian Desert Safari Experience
Backpacker Travel, January, 2016

The Must-See Wildlife Reserves Of Swaziland
The Culture Trip, January 7, 2016

Off the Beaten Path: Find Local Culture in Swaziland’s Community Ventures
Pink Pangea, December 11, 2015

10 Reasons to Visit Botswana
The Travel Manual, November 10, 2015

Top 10 reasons to Visit Swaziland
Team Nomad, October, 2015

Swaziland – On The Great Destinations Radio Show
Listen to Jenny’s interview and the World Travel Market, 2015

Jenny “tells us about her beloved Swaziland”
Amia Online Magazine – Around World, November 2014 edition

Jenny Bowen brings a sense of Africa to life…
Amia Online Magazine – Around World, October 2014 edition

STA, Sense Africa Host UK Volunteer Tourists
Times of Swaziland, August 6, 2014

Volunteer tourism benefits Mgidza village
Swazi Observer, August 5, 2014

Njojane Community gets 2nd classroom
Swazi Observer, August 5, 2014

…Sense Africa Markets Swaziland in the UK
Swazi Observer, August 5, 2014

Swazi golf team wins four, draws one against UK golfers
Times of Swaziland, March 20th, 2014

SD golf courses among world’s best – UK’s Bowen
Swazi Observer, March 21st, 2014

Small is Beautiful in Swaziland
London Glossy Post, August 2013

UK Students Take Voluntourism to Njonjane
STA’s monthly bulletin, August 2013

Swaziland: Africa’s nutshell nation
The Independant, December 12th, 2012

Swaziland – The Switzerland of Africa
Tourism Review, November, 2012

UK Pupils in SD for Cultural Exchange
Times of Swaziland, August 2nd, 2012

UK Tour Operator Develops Skill Centre for Siteki Women
Swazi Observer, July 30th, 2012

SD Tourism has Grown Despite Global Fall
Swazi Observer, July 30th, 2012

Join the Dance this August in Swaziland with Sense Africa
Airline Destinations, June 25th, 2012

STA has now 55 partners selling SD in the UK
Sense Africa being the leading one!
Swazi Observer, February 28th, 2012