Sense Africa - Our Social Responsibility

Our Social Responsibility

At Sense Africa, we feel extremely privileged to be able to take our guests to such unique and delightful destinations. Whilst this gives our guests a trip of a lifetime, we feel that there is an important balance to be found between give and take. Our experience of Africa needs to be balanced with our preservation of this wonderful land, conservation of the animals we enjoy seeing and giving to the native people whose countries we visit and enjoy. 

Consequently, cultural experiences are a core strength of Sense Africa and these are carefully managed so that everyone benefits. We take our guests to visit traditional communities to learn about the local way of life, spend time in a school, join a church service, meet a traditional healer and have the bones thrown for you or even participate in a much needed community project. Let us know what you want to do and we can arrange this for you.

As part of our commitment to social responsibility, we give regularly to a number of charities that are close to our heart. We also know that these charities really benefit the countries we visit:

The Shamba Trust supports community efforts to provide high quality preschool education for children from the most disadvantaged backgrounds in Eswatini. They help promote early child development at family and community levels and provide children with adequate nutrition. Sense Africa has worked with this charity in helping to fund and build playgrounds in two communities in the south east of Eswatini.


The Turgwe Hippo Trust came into being after the hippos’ lives were threatened during a horrendous drought in the south east Lowveld of Zimbabwe, back in 1991/92. This non-profit Trust was formed after the successful completion of a feeding program and water supply exercise undertaken by the Paolillo’s during those traumatic times. I met and stayed with Karen Paolillo during 1992, helped her feed some of the hippos and learnt how passionate she is about all the wildlife in the area. I know that donations are used wisely. It is a pleasure to support the Turgwe Hippo Trust.


There are also community projects which Sense Africa directly helps and supports in Eswatini, some of which are ongoing and helped by visiting schools from the UK;

St Helen and St Katharine School, Abingdon, provide invaluable assistance for the long termbuilding of a High School in Mhlumeni community and the construction of an Old People’s Home in Section 19. Abbey Gate College, Chester, have formed a partnership with Mlindzini Community and visit every two years to help in projects chosen by the community.

Ann Holgate

“Our trip to Eswatini was everything I hoped it would be. A great mix of culture and wildlife with some very special visits due to Jenny’s experience and connections with local people. It is a trip I will remember for a very long time.

Thank you.”