Lena Welch – 2016 (Traveleyes trip)
I’ve fallen in love with Swaziland and I had to laugh at the guides having to haul me onto the jeeps etc! It was a holiday I will always remember. The hospitality and the patience everyone showed with us was remarkable!

Your impersonations, impressions, descriptions and stories were fabulous and it really felt like you could actually see the animals even when we couldn’t! The different smells, feeling the animal skins was something I so wanted to do and you guys made it possible.

I loved every minute of the holiday and would be back in a heartbeat.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Jenny.

Michela Butler – 2016 (Traveleyes trip)
As a sighted traveller on this trip I was bowled over by how well everybody was catered for and how inclusive everything was. Jenny, you and your Swazi friends were amazing and have left me with the most fantastic lasting impression.

I’ve travelled a fair bit and this is by far the trip that has left me buzzing the most long after my return.

Swaziland is in deed a very special place, and Jenny has a gift for bringing it to everyone’s attention in the best way possible.

Neil and Sandra Harrison – 2016
“It is amazing how diverse this small country is and you really need two weeks to do it justice. Admittedly Swaziland is not Kruger, Masai Mara or Etosha but if you want to see great wildlife without the crowds this makes for a great destination.

Sense Africa subsequently put a great two weeks tour together encompassing all its history, culture and wildlife making it into such a memorable holiday.

Everything was meticulously organised in a friendly and professional manner to our tailor made requirements. Many thanks to Sense Africa for a great wedding anniversary holiday!”

John Chapman – 2016

“Jenny is a very efficient, well organised friend.

She has made great inroads into relationships between the UK and South Africa, particularly in the preservation of wildlife habitat and teaching others about the unspoiled habitat of certain African nations.”

Kate O’Boyle – 2016
Sense Africa were extremely helpful, efficient, and hospitable from start to finish. The package created for our trip was full of variation, combining relaxation, adventure and a chance to get to know a local community of the country visited. Overall, it has been a very enjoyable and well executed experience thanks to the hard work of Sense Africa. Many thanks again.”

Brian O’Boyle – 2016
“Rural Swaziland was a daunting and slightly worrying prospect. This was beautifully resolved by Jenny’s meticulous planning and organisation which gently guided us to places well worth visiting and ultimately fulfilled our wish for a great relaxing family holiday.”

Martin and Gill How – 2015
“Jenny worked with us to organise in two months a trip of a lifetime to Namibia and Botswana which most agents thought needed to be planned at least a year ahead. She listened carefully to our needs, aspirations and concerns and made sure that these were catered for. She was honest and clear about what we should expect and juggled reservations as booking confirmations arrived on an African timescale. In a couple of places the only facilities available were less grand than she would aim to book and she made sure that we would be happy with what was available.

Jenny helped organise a life expanding trip that all 5 people aged 15-60 will remember forever.

Jenny is passionate about things African and if you are looking for help to plan a bespoke experience she is a creative, helpful, sensible and trustworthy partner.”

Shell family – 2015
We have been lucky enough to travel to Africa twice through Jenny and Sense Africa.

I struggle to put into words what it has meant to us as a family.  Jenny made us feel that we had planned and executed the trip ourselves.  A real gift to be able to do this.  She knew exactly what we wanted and tailored our experience to our needs.  We saw the most amazing scenery and witnessed animals as they should be in the wild, but it was so much more than this. We felt Africa – the people and their lives.  A real privilege and a life changing experience.  Thank you.

Duncan Laker – 2015K_serval cat small

“Once again Sense Africa gave us a truly fabulous trip that will remain with us forever, thanks Jenny.”

Read Duncan’s write up about a Day in Botswana…

Ron and Alison Davies – 2015
“Well organised, well chosen itinerary and the accommodation was to such a high standard. We recommend you to every one we talk to about our holiday.

Thanks for an amazing experience.”

Mark Jarrett – 2015
“The organisation behind my holiday was excellent, as was the accommodation selected. All I seemed to have to do was to drive the car and be at the right place at the right time.”

Bernie Gleave – 2014
I can honestly say that I think about some aspect of our trip everyday.

It not just the animals it is the children walking to and from school, the variety of the countryside and climate! And of course the people themselves. I would like to say that I really enjoyed the time we spent together, and I really appreciated your company and your knowledge. Our mountain biking trip was particularly enjoyable because we were able to just look and absorb the sights and sounds and feelings. Malolotja’s canopy zip wire tour was so exhilarating! All the game reserves and accommodation I loved. So I thank you very much for organising a wonderful trip for us all.

I personally feel I got a real Sense of Africa.

Valerie and Graham Crafter – 2014
“We left Swaziland piled up with their local crafts – glass, candles, handmade bags and table mats. It was just as well we brought three cases with us! Thank you again for all your work on our behalf and for the comprehensive booklet.

We appreciate the personal service you were able to give us, so much better than the large companies. We would have missed a lot if we had done it on our own.

Duncan Laker – 2014
Simply the best holiday ever.

I’m not normally given to hyperbole, but Jenny and Sense Africa delivered our perfect break in Botswana and Zimbabwe with a combination of superb safari and lazy luxury. Thank you so much.”

George and Annie Miles-Eves – 2014
“Just a line to say how much we enjoyed our Swazi holiday.  

It’s a hackneyed phrase, but it truly was the “holiday of a lifetime”.  

We shall treasure the memories & we are sorting through the 2000 photos now (!) hoping to cut them down to 200 without too much domestic strife…

We were so impressed with your many skills (Jenny): speaking Swazi, tracking & identifying animals & birds (not to mention bugs & snakes), organising all the drivers & vehicles & accommodation & meals, and of course most importantly, your patience with people & your ever-present sense of humour.

We would recommend this holiday to anyone.”

Hugh Norton and Family – 2012
“A memorable safari in Botswana: This was a tailor-made safari for a family of four, starting from a lodge at Maun, and including a day afloat on the Okavango river delta, camping and wildlife viewing in the Moremi reserve and at Savuti in the Chobe National Park, then a few days at a very comfortable lodge at Muchenje, and finally three nights across the border in Zimbabwe at Victoria Falls. The wildlife viewing, including the wildlife seen while at Muchenje, and the camping experience were the heart of the holiday for us.

The preliminary advice on what to go and see, and then the tailoring of the itinerary to our preferences, were carried out very helpfully and patiently by Jenny Bowen, and everything ran to schedule like clockwork from the moment we touched down at Maun.

This was a holiday we shall remember with pleasure for a very long time.

Terry and Vicky Andrews – 2011

“I have known Jenny and her Sense Africa business for several years. Came the time recently when Vicky and I had achieved a significant marriage milestone and wanted something memorable to celebrate. Following the ‘proof of the pudding’ maxim, we decided to engage Jenny for our first trip to Africa, to Swaziland.

It would be an understatement to say that we were not disappointed. Meticulous planning with regular consultation with us to match our needs and advice on what to take; a schedule of travel, accommodation and venues to visit that went like clockwork; the opportunity to get ‘behind the scenes’ to places off the beaten track and to meet the people of Swaziland. Jenny’s ecological background enhanced our knowledge at every stage and her explorer experience made us feel secure in a very different environment.

A thoroughly enjoyable, personalised experience that did indeed allow us to soak up the culture, the variety of landscapes and the sheer, natural beauty of the flora and fauna that is Swaziland.

If you have the chance, talk to Jenny and just go do it – you will definitely not be disappointed!

Dave Thomas – 2008
“Getting from A to B is not important, it’s what you see during the journey that makes it all worth while.

During our journeys your infectious enthusiasm, specialist knowledge, love of Africa and Swaziland – its people, culture and wildlife in particular, illustrated Sense Africa is pertinently named as our senses are still buzzing from our experiences.

Thank you.”

Lucy Cullen – 2006
Thank you very much for a really amazing trip.

We will never forget our trip especially the rhino walking safari.”

Patricia Goodwin – 2006
Your commitment is amazing, your shared knowledge really appreciated.

Thank you for a five star performance. We were well looked after and at times we were the only people in the reserve. Truly ‘Sensed Africa’.”

David Grant – 2006
“Thank you for a superb holiday. Everything was well organised and I really enjoyed the mountain biking safari.”

Anthony Edmondson – 2005

“We had a brilliant adventure in Swaziland, experiencing the African way of life and enjoying the animal sightings.

Professionally organised, highly recommended – Thanks Jenny!”




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