Testimonials | Sense Africa

Head of School

Rowan Edbrooke, Head of St Helen and St Katharine School, Abingdon, Oxfordshire – 2014
“I was introduced to Jenny when looking for a travel company which could offer an individually tailored foreign travel experience for 16 – 18 year olds. We particularly wanted the students to be able to engage individually with the people they met and make a meaningful contribution to a community in an environment which encouraged them to reflect on and have a personal response to what they experienced. Sense Africa appealed because it offers travel to communities not on the regular Gap year circuit, the programme can be tailored to the interests of the group and, as the students work in small groups, they are not insulated against the impact of a new culture and lives very different from their own.

We have found Jenny to be thoroughly well organised and prepared.

She is very knowledgeable and conveys her passion for Africa convincingly and without sentiment. She knows Swaziland very well, has good contacts and can thus adapt to last minute changes effectively and with minimum disruption. She shares our desire to enable young people to be independent and learn to carry responsibility with integrity and courage. She engenders a spirit of team work and comradeship and the students who have travelled with her have been very appreciative of the opportunities she has given them to explore themselves and develop their views. She is skilled at helping them to question their world view and she challenges in a way which inspires thought and reflection.

Jenny achieves the ideal balance between safety and calculated risk which gives the students the confidence to step out and explore, safe in the knowledge that they are well supported.

She is calm, practical and able to think on her feet; a calm presence in a crisis. She demands high standards and is tolerant and flexible. She has gravitas and presents herself professionally with a very pleasant approachable manner.

She has dealt well with parents and inspired their trust and that of staff and students.

We chose Jenny to organise and lead our school expedition to Swaziland for many of the factors indicated above and we have had every reason to celebrate that choice.”