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Parents say…

Susie and Paul Strachan-Naylor – 2018
“Thank you for providing such a wonderful life changing trip to Jasper and the team.  They all had an amazing time and it took just for a long time to settle back to UK life!  Just seems to have enjoyed the people/kids/school the best and the most.  It took the most amazing photos as it a lot of them I don’t think we have finished seeing them all yet.

Thanks again. “

Catherine and Kevin Mentzel – 2018
“I’m not quite sure how the summer has passed without us sending our thanks to you for all that you did to make the Swaziland expedition such a great success. Hetty had an amazing time and loved the whole experience. Thank you for all the work that goes into planning such an ambitious trip. The girls have made memories which will be with them throughout their lives and how wonderful it is to have their eyes opened to different cultures and ways of living.

Many thanks for the care and support you have given to all the girls.

Julie Taylor – 2018
I just wanted to thank you and your team for helping to put together the most amazing adventure for Eleanor and her friends. She clearly loved every minute of it as she hasn’t stopped talking about it since she got home…. The things she did, the people she met, animals she saw etc etc

An experience of a lifetime…and one she will never forget.

Kerry Phillip – 2018

“Many thanks for all your work to make this an unforgettable experience for the girls who were lucky enough to join you.

Alex had a brilliant time, learnt a lot and was proud of the contribution they made to the community. Thanks too for all the tweets. It was so good to get a glimpse of what life was like and where the various groups were. .”

Simon Nutbrown – 2018

“I just wanted to write to say how impressed I have been with all from start to finish. 

Not only did Bea have an amazing trip that I think will stay with her for a long time, but your Twitter updates were really lovely to receive, aware that such things aren’t that easy in a place like Swaziland.  You are to be congratulated for running such a complex operation as having 4 teams out there at the same time – not an easy task at all, I am sure.  I hope that you can now get some well-earned rest (in between sorting out tents etc!)

We had a slideshow of Bea’s photos from the trip last night, all 604 of them, and it looked like such an amazing time.  I was really touched to see the pencils that Bea took being used in the school.

Thank you again and enjoy the rest of the summer.”

Caroline Eisner – 2018

“I just want to say thank you for giving Alba the most incredible experience of her life. She has come back full of stories and excitement and eager to share. We have obviously only had the chance to hear a few tales, but we look forward to hearing more over the course of the next few hours and days. I promise you that she absolutely loved every minute.

I am sure you have planted the seed of a connection for life with Swaziland and the people she met.

Thank you for all you did to create such an amazing programme and also for keeping her safe.”

Ingrid Martin – 2016
Lucia was looking forward to her trip to Swaziland from the moment she came home from school and declared ‘ I have to go mum, it’s the trip of a lifetime’.

It’s has truly been a trip of a lifetime, Lucia has gained so much by experiencing everything that Sense Africa had planned for her. From the initial fundraising through to the day she arrived home, the people Lucia met and the leaders in Africa not forgetting the children and friends she has made.

Jenny is the perfect organiser and we cannot thank her enough for guiding and leading our daughter.”

Katy – 2016
“We wanted to say a big thank you to all in supporting and encouraging such a fantastic trip. It is great to hear how rewarding and challenging the tasks were – a great advertisement for real volunteer tourism that integrates thoroughly with the community the girls are visiting and living in.”

Nick and Isabelle Stables – 2014

“Both of of our daughters have treasured memories of their adventures and am very sure there’s very little indeed about Swaziland that Jenny doesn’t know.

The freedom to live a completely different way of life,  explore spectacular scenery and wildlife and at the same make a contribution to the local community was a unique and meaningful experience for the girls. Thank you again to you and your team for making this all possible.”

Gill and David Hearn – 2014
“Just to thank you and your team for offering such an amazing experience to SHSK. Katy returned today having had such a fantastic 3 + weeks. She enjoyed ‘every minute’ with just too much for me to recount. Her photos are very moving with pictures of the community project work, building the kitchen, the children and then the wildlife and safari  shots are  truly fabulous. Every day seemed to bring forth new experiences, emotions and adventure.

The success of the trip reflects on the how well you organised it all and your hard work is very much appreciated.

Thank you so much again. With very best wishes for the continued success of your company.”

Liz Dray – 2014
“We have just collected one “buzzing” daughter from the airport (now crashed out in bed – think it will take more than one shower to get those feet clean……….) I was wondering what we would see coming through Arrivals.  A friend whose daughter did a 2 week stint in Morocco warned me that her daughter burst into tears as soon as she saw them, saying that she was glad that she went but that “She’d never be doing anything like that in her life again ….”!!!!  Hannah, by contrast, couldn’t stop talking all the way home.

We can already see her “walking taller”, grown in confidence and just amazed by all that she has seen and experienced. 

She truly valued every minute and couldn’t speak highly enough of the leaders and their support and inspiration. Very many thanks again Jenny.  Off to unload the washing machine again now ……..!!”

Julie and Rob McLellan – 2014
“Thank you so much for this and for the whole trip.  Natalie clearly had the time of her life.  She has come back completely won over by Swaziland and its people.  Natalie positively glowed with sheer joy when she returned (possibly quite a bit of dirt too 😉 ) and yes we have had endless stories.  We are sure it will leave a lifetime impression on her.

She is certainly is more confident and also more appreciative of the life she leads.

Many, many thanks.”

Debbie Firer – 2013
“Ashlee had a truly amazing time and I loved hearing all her stories and experiences during her week with you. She came home feeling as if she made great friends. I feel that what she learned and gained is invaluable and that what you do is fantastic.”

Dr Sanjiv Manek – 2012
“Success it really was!

It was a pleasure to keep up to date with your blogs and then to re-live it all through photographs and the excited banter that does not seem to have stopped! I firmly believe that our little girl has come back maturer and wiser, armed with a tremendous amount of experience and adventure. Our daughter has praised you enormously and has ‘certified’ you as a brilliant expedition leader!! We should be thanking you!”

Jessica Stobart – 2012
“Just to say also that Tallulah had the most wonderful time. I think it was all a real eye-opener for her. As well as making great friendships, with girls she has known for years but never got to know, Tallulah loved the adventure, the freedom, the sense of responsibility and independence, meeting different people, the cooking- even the grouting! Thank you for a wonderfully organised trip.

It was so lovely for us, as parents, to let Tallulah have this adventure and yet be confident that it was well organised and well run.

Well done!”

Susan Fletcher Watts – 2010
“Jess had a FANTASTIC time in Swaziland. Yes, we’ve seen her pictures and yours on the CD and we’ve enjoyed every one of them. I would like to add a big thank you to you for all your help, organisation and enthusiasm – I’m sure it wasn’t always easy.

It made a big difference to us parents back home knowing that our girls were in good hands.”

Julie Edge – 2010
Ellen has “certainly has talked a lot about it and it really has had an impact on her which I am sure we will see more of over the coming months. Thanks very much again for organising the whole trip so well – she had a great time and it sounded extremely well planned and great fun. With best wishes for the future of your company.”

Mary-Ann Dryer – 2010
“Kate had a great time, I’m incredibly impressed with them and proud of my daughter for mixing cement by hand and all their other building work – she claims to have ‘guns of steel’. It’s a great looking building and they should all be proud of themselves. Many thanks to you for organising it.”

Susan Butterworth – 2010
“I think the project is a real worthwhile experience and it’s lovely that the girls were able to give back and appreciate the privileged lives that they have. Thank you for looking after her so well.”