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Kwara game drive – one amazing safari19th March '15

Here is my first guest blog. Duncan Laker has just come back from a second trip with Sense Africa to Botswana and from what I gather he has had some incredible wildlife sightings. He has some stunning pictures and if you want to see more click here.

Kwara – 4 hours, 2 amazing sightings, 2 extraordinary events, one amazing game drive

Having just arrived at Kwara we set out on our first afternoon/night game drive at around 4.30.

Sighting 1

First stop was to pick up a family of 4 cheetah, a species in real trouble and likely to be red listed before long. Sure enough we came across the mother and her 3 female cubs, estimated at about 18 months old, resting in the shade of a thorn bush. What a great sight, we spent some time watching the contented group – and listening to the very loud purring.

Well satisfied with our start we then moved on to seek out the Kwara pack of 19 wild dogs. Maybe a mile up the track we went off road to track them from their known midday watering place. We were scouting the edge of the brush, back in the direction of the cheetah, when the unmistakable wild dog ear silhouettes were spotted.

wild dogs at rest

They also seemed settled in the shade, or were there some signs of restlessness? Suddenly ALL the ears popped up, the dogs stood and we saw the cheetah mooching towards us, downwind.

Event 1

Well, dogs and cats, what can I say? The pack took off as one, barking the peculiar warning of the wild dog. The result was pandemonium, there was a cub up a tree and the other two made off into the bush while the mother stood her ground. There didn’t appear to be any serious intent, more noise than heat, but certainly a lot of excitement – us included. Our guide and tracker hadn’t seen anything like this either so we were very happy to watch it all play out.

cheetah and wild dogs on Kwara game drive

In the end the cheetah retreated to a nearby termite mound where they kept a watchful eye on the dogs, who were apparently satisfied that they’d seen the completion off their immediate and temporary territory.

cheetah on termite mound in moremi

The sun was on the way down, so it was time to calm racing hearts with a welcome sundowner before a leisurely night drive back to camp and dinner, or so we thought.

Event 2

About 20 minutes in and in full dark the radio crackled. Unbelievably another truck has come across 2 mating leopards. A mad rackety dash across the bush got us to the site in 15 minutes, in time to see the pair slowly making off into the bush, with a pair of hyena tracking them all the way. In the background a third, local male leopard was coughing to try and steal the female. (sorry about the blurry image!)leopards seen at night on safari

Wow, what a night, surely now it was time for leisurely game drive back Kwara – and so it proved.

Sighting 2

Pausing only for a lovely view of a hunting Serval and entertained by the bell frogs in the marsh we made it back for dinner by about 8.30, 4 hours that will last a lifetime.”serval at night

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