COVID-19 April 19 | Sense Africa

COVID-19 April 19

We are in an exceptionally challenging time for the world. The outbreak and situation around COVID-19 are unique and ever-changing. Southern Africa is no exception to the disaster of the COVID-19 and travel and movement restrictions are in place in most of the countries that Sense Africa operates in.

Our guests’ safety and well-being are important.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) advice against non-essential foreign travel for an indefinite period.

We are working on these guidelines and we kindly ask that you keep remain flexible in case we need to reschedule your trip. The deposits that we have paid on your behalf are transferable and so far we are also seeing a flexibility with airlines for rebooking.

Sense Africa will:

  • Take a flexible approach on holidays as the news breaks on travel restrictions
  • Aim to reschedule holidays if travel restrictions and/or a Coronavirus health risk apply to your dates

If you are worried, we urge you not to cancel your booking with us and wait until we have a clearer idea about it all. If we can change the dates of your booking we will do so, making this as easy as possible for you. We do not want you to miss out on your holiday.

Sense Africa is a small and reliable company; over the years we dealt with all sorts of external events. If you have booked flights with us then your whole trip is ATOL protected.

COVID-19 will be devastating for so many people and small businesses, but with your help and support we can withstand anything.

First and foremost, keep yourself well, remain isolated as much as possible, and keep cheerful.

I hope this information helps.  Don’t hesitate to let us know your thoughts or questions so that we can help you.