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Track Cheetah and Leopard
Okonjima is home to The Africat Foundation providing protection for predators such as cheetah, lion and leopard. It also undertakes extensive research into how farming and predators can coexist in the form of capturing problem animals, educating farmers and releasing them into secure environments. Unfortunately some animals can not be released back into the wild, for a variety of reasons, so enjoy watching them in the semi wild, that is after tracking them down!
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Climb Dune 45
Dune 45 is in the world famous Sossusvlei in the Namib desert. Explore the area by walking amongst the sea of dunes and experiencing this unique landscape of rich red dunes interspersed with cream coloured vleis. Standing over 170m it is a popular dune to climb and is often photographed early and late in the day when shadows create amazing colour contrasts.
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Floodlit Waterhole Watch in Etosha National Park
Etosha National Park has many waterholes where you can watch elephants jostle with lions, herds of antelope nervously drink from the cool waters and birds swoop in for tasty morsels. At night floodlit waterholes continue to entice the game into drink, where big game play out their lives in front of you, giving you your very own theatre performance. Not visiting this wildlife extravaganza could be considered a criminal offence.

Explore the Skeleton Coast
The Skeleton Coast is a place of desolation in this domain of jackals and hyaenas as they ceaselessly scavenge the shoreline. It is also the graveyard of ships and sea vessels that did not make it, littering the shore line with their skeletal hulls. A flight over the skeleton coast is an incredible experience, seeing sand dunes swallowed up by the sea is spectacular.
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See the Worlds Oldest Living Plant
The Welwitschia is a weird plant endemic to the Namib desert and ranking among the top ten list of “most bizarre plants on earth.” The stem gives rise to two, wide, strap-shaped leaves which continually grow in the unrelenting Namib winds and harsh conditions. Welwitschia plants are dioecious (separate male and female plants) and one wonders how they manage to survive at all.