Namibia Safari - Beautiful Natural Wonders

About Namibia

Namibia is a country of compelling beauty and a sense of unconfined space. Your breath will be taken away by Namibia’s:

  • unspoilt landscapes
  • wide horizons
  • clear, unpolluted skies
  • large variety of game and diverse cultures.

There are many reasons for visiting this remarkable country. Namibia is the perfect place for a unique bespoke holiday; surrounded by exceptionally beautiful scenery your Namibian safari will be one to remember.
flickr-log photos of Namibian wildlife

Ancient beauty of Namibia at Etosha

The famous sights of Namibia are unforgettable: the oldest desert in the world, the highest sand dunes in the world, one of the world’s most ancient plants, and one of the world’s largest game reserves.

Etosha National Park is a major sanctuary for a variety of animal species in Africa, protecting the largest concentration of game in the country. Spend time watching the wildlife come into floodlit water holes on your Namibia safari, creating a natural theatrical spectacle for you to sit back and enjoy.
flickr-log photos of Etosha

Get to the heart of Africa on a Safari in Namibia

Rugged yet fragile, barren but beautiful, Namibia is an enchanting wilderness that holds the very essence of Africa. A rich blend of culture and tradition has been created throughout the country. Namibia is an excellent self drive destination, ideal for those looking for a sense of freedom and adventure and the divine safari lodges that blend into the landscape create a natural and tranquil ambience. The perfect destination for bespoke holidays done your way.

Travelling on a Namibia safari is a paradise for those who want to experience and enjoy nature, agoraphobics not advised!

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