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Undiscovered Swaziland – Africa in a Nutshell
Dates: 13 April 2018 – 25 April 2018
Dates: 28 September 2018- 10 October 2018.
Dates: 13 December 2018- 3 January 2019. (£3,845 special Christmas and New Year trip)
Price: £3,645 with flights, in country transport, accommodation, all meals, safaris and activities.

Swaziland is a welcoming Kingdom with wonderfully stunning landscapes, friendly people and up close and personal wildlife sightings. Walk within the reserves, learning to track animals, and truly immerse yourself into the African bush where your senses will come alive.

This trip has been specifically designed to explore this undiscovered destination, get off the beaten track and experience genuine Africa.

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Rambling in Swaziland – Take a Walk on the Wildside
Dates: 25 April – 10 May 2018
Price: £3,075 with flights, in country transport, accommodation, all meals, safaris and activities. 

An African Adventure in Swaziland, Hazyview (South Africa) & Kruger National Park…

You may not be surprised if a dragon appeared from beyond the mountains, the scenery is much like you would find in a fairytale or a blockbuster movie. It is not every day you wake to find a friendly warthog on your doorstep or see a dazzle of zebra grazing on the savannah. Then continue into South Africa to walk amongst open grassland, steep cliffs and river gorges. Being so close the Kruger National Park, you have the opportunity for a walking safari.

This is with Ramblers Walking Holidays. Please contact them direct.

Gentle Swaziland – Wildlife and Safari
Dates: 17 – 29 June 2018
Price: £2,200 with in country transport, accommodation, all meals, safaris and activities. Flights not included.

Swaziland is ideal for walking and there are a variety of terrains, scenery and locations where you can walk safely amongst game and enjoy ‘real’ Africa at is best. Learn to track animals whilst on foot and see this beautiful Kingdom at your own pace. Get up close and personal.

Sense Africa is working with Walking Women in this bespoke walking safari to Swaziland. They are looking for more women to join the trip. Please contact Walking Women direct.

Take a Walk on the Wild Side!



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