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Using a Mosquito Net

If you need to buy a mosquito net then you need to think what it is for and where. There are numerous nets on the market of different sizes, different shapes and with different fixing points. So think of the type of accommodation that that you are staying in and which one is more useful.  I prefer the box nets as these can be put up in the most places, but they do have more points to fix.

More often than not your accommodation will already have mosquito nets for you, please do check with Sense Africa.

At times it may seem a bit obvious on how to use a mosquito net but when you are trying to disengage yourself from the clutches of a rogue one, these tips may come in useful.

1. First make sure that the net has been tied up above your head in a knot when you arrive, as this will have prevented anything from crawling into it during the day.
2. Quite often your mosquito nets will be arranged for you, but if this is not the case make sure that when you untie it there are no friendly bugs in it!
3. Double check there were no holes in the net as this will defeat the object. Tape of any kind is an instant fix – even a plaster!
4. Pull the net taught over your bed and tuck it firmly under the mattress. This prevents the net brushing against your face at night. It is best to do this before supper, because after supper and the superb wines that you’ve consumed, it may make things a little bit more complicated.
5. Spray inside the net with insect repellent to kill any rogue insects before going to supper, just to double check there is nothing unwanted sharing your bed with you.
6. Make sure that you have your head torch, books and glass of water accessible inside the net if possible, saves thrashing around in the dark if you want to go to the loo in the middle of the night.

Sleep well!