Packing Made Easy for your African Safari | Sense Africa

Packing Made Easy

Packing can be a bit of a nightmare for some and to make life easier here are 10 top tips to remove the stress from the start of your holiday.

1. List
Have a list of the things that you need so that you do not forget anything.

2. Lotions
Put lotions and potions in resealable bags to prevent spillage all over your clothes.

3. Soft Bag.
Use a soft bag as this is easier to transport around and also is less cumbersome than a solid suitcase.

4. Minimum.
Keep things to a minimum, you will probably not be staying in one place for the whole trip so the less you have the less you have to pack each time. And that means less stress!

5. The Same Way.
Pack items in the same way each time so you know where everything is – very helpful in the dark.

6. Penknives.
Put penknives in your main luggage.

7. Valuables.
Put valuables such as cameras, camcorders and phones in your hand luggage along with any medication such as malaria tablets and prescriptive drugs.

8. Spare Clothes in Hand Luggage
Have a spare set of clothes in your hand luggage (including underwear) along with your sunglasses and any other necessities – sometimes bags do go walkies for a while!

9. Secure Main Luggage.
Secure your bag, preferably with a padlock, as this does prevent sticky fingered people pilfering some of your possessions when in transit.

10. Wear It!
It is worth wearing walking boots and other trekking kit, especially if you are going on a walking safari. It also reduces the weight of your luggage if you are wearing it!

Weight limit.
It is normally around 23kg for hold luggage for long haul flights and 5kg for hand luggage. However if you are travelling in smaller planes to remote lodges then the weight limit can reduce to 15kg for all your luggage. Please check with Sense Africa.

And have a book or kindle handy so when you get to the airport early you can relax.

We hope you enjoy your travels, and pack wisely!