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Your Health

Sense Africa advises you to speak directly with your Doctor or nurse at your local GP. It is important that you get the best advice for your medical history. We cannot medically advise you as we are not qualified.


You will need a number of inoculations for travel to Africa and these are dependant on where you go, where you stay and what you do. Please allow plenty of time to do this as some inoculations are a course of over a few months.

It is important to also discuss important travel health issues with your GP such as safe eating and drinking, sun exposure and insect bites. Many of the problems experienced by travellers cannot be prevented by vaccinations and other preventive measures need to be taken such as keeping sufficiency covered when walking in the bush, regularly drinking clean water and staying in the shade during the heat of the day.

Sense Africa recommends that you visit Masta and Fit For Travel by the NHS for further up to date information.