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Walking with Rhino – too close for comfort 13th July '17

“Anyone need a change of underwear?” It has been a serious heart stopping, nerve wracking and exhilarating moment. How close had those rhino really been? I was leading a Walking Women holiday, the first one for this company, and we had already had a list of firsts for many, including myself. We had had three…read more…

Rambling in Swaziland 15th May '17

The first trip for Ramblers Holiday to Swaziland was a success, judging by the happy walkers that I left in Simunye. The new trip, “Secret Swaziland and the Panorama Route” was half way through its journey, and Swaziland was no longer a secret.  I had got a lift with the group to Simunye, and got…read more…

Sensational Sensory Safari 9th May '17

I am still seeing confused faces as I say that I am taking visually impaired (VI) people on safari, even the VI say that many of their friends who have sight issues don’t want to come on safari. Admittedly I did not get it when I first led a trip for Traveleyes last year, taking…read more…

Mad Dog is an Englishwoman 24th April '17

I had consumed 4 litres of water and I was still thirsty. It was a rather hot day and I had covered a fair few kilometres in Mbuluzi Game Reserve walking some of the new trails there, and I had not even been in Swaziland for 24 hrs, so not quite acclimatised to the heat….read more…

Patience with Public Transport – not possible! 27th March '17

Patience and public transport in Africa will never go together, well not in my lifetime anyway. If there wasn’t a time limit I may have been semi-chilled out, however I didn’t want to miss my boat transfer to Machangulo Lodge, and my escape to paradise. I was travelling from Mlilwane, in Swaziland, to Maputo Marina. Ordinarily…read more…


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