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Snakes and Rock Art 25th October '17

“Snake, snake”, yelled Siphiwe as she barrelled down the rocky trail towards us, like a bowling ball in a skittle alleyway. We leapt out of her way as she bombarded past us leaving a trail of destruction; guests in the bushes either side and her shoes on the path near to where she had seen…read more…

“Jenny, we are going to ‘mash’ your heart.” 12th October '17

“Jenny, we are going to ‘mash’ your heart.” I looked at Thembe as I drove back to Manzini, I was not too sure if I had heard him right. “Yes, we are going to ‘mash’ your heart.” “Mash?” “Yes, ‘mash’ it.” I was not overly happy about this turn of events, imagining a potato masher…read more…

Sick over the Okavango 6th September '17

The Okavango is one of the world’s largest deltas and often referred to as “the river that never finds this the sea”. It is a peaceful and isolated oasis set in Botswana’s harsh Kalahari Desert. A visit to Botswana, without visiting the Okavango, in my mind is a sin. But there is an expense involved….read more…

Walking with Rhino – too close for comfort 13th July '17

“Anyone need a change of underwear?” It has been a serious heart stopping, nerve wracking and exhilarating moment. How close had those rhino really been? I was leading a Walking Women holiday, the first one for this company, and we had already had a list of firsts for many, including myself. We had had three…read more…

Rambling in Swaziland 15th May '17

The first trip for Ramblers Holiday to Swaziland was a success, judging by the happy walkers that I left in Simunye. The new trip, “Secret Swaziland and the Panorama Route” was half way through its journey, and Swaziland was no longer a secret.  I had got a lift with the group to Simunye, and got…read more…


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