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Packing Made Easy1st October '10

I love packing, it is the excitement of knowing that I am going away and that there is time for a rest on the plane!  The whole idea of travelling agrees with me.  However, packing can be a bit of a nightmare for some and to make life a bit easier here are some tips to remove the stress from the start of your holiday.

1. Have a list of the things that you need so that you do not forget anything.  Sense Africa can provide you with a generic list if you want.
2. Start a few days before by just putting things that you think you might need aside in a safe place.
3. Use a soft bag as this is easier to transport around whilst in Africa and also is less cumbersome than a solid suitcase.
4. Keep things to a minimum, you will probably not be staying in one place for the whole holiday so the less you have the less you have to pack at each stage.  And that means less stress!
5. Pack the larger items first so that you can squeeze the smaller ones around it.
6. Pack items in the same way each time so you know where everything is.
7. Put penknives etc in your main luggage.
8. Put valuables such as cameras and phones in your hand luggage.
9. Also have a spare set of clothes in your hand luggage – sometimes bags do go walkies for a while!
10. Have a book handy so when you get to the airport early you can relax.

With this in mind I have printed off my list and going to pack for Tuesday when I am off to Africa, happy days.

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