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Student expedition

Sense Africa provides a personalised and professional student expedition service, where students create their own itinerary and take responsibility for the set up, participation and organisation of the expedition.

We ensure that the expedition is personalised for each School keeping the School’s ethos, visions and ethics embedded into each unique expedition itinerary.

At the end of the expedition each student has a personal development report which can be used for applications and interviews.

Sense Africa specialises in The Kingdom of Swaziland as its main destination. We know the Kingdom very well and represent the Kingdom at trade shows here in the UK and we work closely with The Swaziland Tourism Authority.

Students who participate in an expedition to Swaziland have the responsibility of organising their expedition from the onset; creating their itinerary, choosing a project, being given the budget for the project and making budget decisions, accounting, liaising with builder/guide specific to their project, utilising a translator, choosing accommodation, dealing with the budget for food and even choosing the date of the opening ceremony.

The students need to organise themselves right from the start in order to achieve all these goals and to get the most out of their whole experience.

It may seem a challenge but this is what we are all about, it is an opportunity to push boundaries, to explore capabilities, to achieve goals and to realise potentials. A time to learn skills which are invaluable for later life.

Sense Africa is passionate about providing worthwhile projects and educational experiences combined with the excitement and adventure that students deserve.