Swaziland, a nation in a nutshell | Sense Africa

Expedition Eswatini (Swaziland)

Eswatini is one of only three monarchies left in Africa and is approximately the size of Wales. The kingdom is steeped in history, where traditional ceremonies and dancing can be seen every day and more often than not, traditional dress can be seen even in the main towns. Swazis welcome visitors with open arms and it is a safe and friendly country to travel and stay in.

With this in mind Sense Africa specialises in Eswatini, it is their main destination. As Jenny represents Eswatini in the UK she has numerous contacts in The Kingdom to ensure a safe and memorable experience and also that added extra that other people may not be able to provide. This includes Press at project opening ceremonies along with visits from members of parliament and government departments.

Eswatini can be described as Africa in a nutshell, providing the opportunity to experience many of Africa’s delights; close up and personal wildlife encounters, big game safaris, culturally invigorating events and genuine community visits. The Kingdom is a unique blend of ancient customs woven into every day life and there is an adventure here waiting to be had!

Things you must see or do:

  • be part of a worthwhile project
  • walk amongst wildlife
  • see traditional dancing
  • fly on a zip wire
  • sleep out under the stars

There is something special about Eswatini, once you have been there you will fall in love with the Kingdom. Many students go back to Eswatini later on in life.