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Family-Friendly Safari

“A family-friendly safari in Africa is a wonderful way to spend quality time with your loved ones. I think there is nothing better than sharing educational experiences with your children, so we recommend cultural experiences to enrich your experience. This allows you all to enjoy your holiday to the full and gives you quality time with your loved ones.” Jenny Bowen, Director and founder.

What exciting adventure does your family want to go on? Let us know what you like to do as a family so we can incorporate this into your holiday. Is there any particular activity that you would like your whole family to experience, learn or be part of? If your need inspiration, take a look at this example of a well-rounded Eswatini Family Safari that incorporates a bit of everything.

Sense Africa creates bespoke self-drive or privately guided family adventures. Contact us so that we can create an inspiring holiday with an air of exclusivity. We will make you feel like a true explorer by incorporating an authentic African adventure with family-friendly safaris, providing the right guides and accommodation whilst ensuring that everyone gets the most out of their holiday.  A family-friendly safari can be accompanied or a self-drive, it is totally up to you.

Feel Safe with your Family

We understand that you might be worried about taking your children to Africa. Sense Africa takes out the stress of worrying about your family members so you can concentrate on having a wonderful experience and making happy memories. We know where is safe and secure and can guide you through the options.

Family enjoying a family-friendly safari

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What our Family Guests Say

The Shell Family

Fun and adventure on safafriI struggle to put into words what it has meant to us as a family. 

Jenny made us feel that we had planned and executed the trip ourselves.  A real gift to be able to do this.  She knew exactly what we wanted and tailored our experience to our needs. 

We saw the most amazing scenery and witnessed animals as they should be in the wild, but it was so much more than this. We felt Africa – the people and their lives.  A real privilege and a life changing experience.  Thank you.