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Big Five Safari

“There is something special about seeing Big Game, especially the Big Five: the regal lion, the svelte like leopard, the gentle elephant, the armoured rhino and the unpredictable cape buffalo. This is why we provide guests with the option of a Big Five Safari. I have plenty of memories and pictures of the Big Five, I just cannot get enough of these incredible creatures.” Jenny Bowen, Director and founder.

Seeing some, if not all, of the Big Five whilst on a safari is a privilege. They are often on peoples ‘to see’ list, especially those that have not been to Africa before. There is always that ultimate animal to spot, that adrenalin rush and excitement of seeing these majestic animals in the flesh followed by the stunned delight and realisation of what has just happened. A Big Five Safari gives you a taste of the essence of Africa.

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Rhino on Big Five Safari

Why are they Called the Big Five?

The reason for the Big Five name is that these five animals were the hardest to shoot by big-game hunters as they are particularly ferocious when cornered and injured. Tour operators and guides have picked up the phrase and used it as a marketing term and it very cleverly it has stuck. Learn more about this…

Which do You Want to See?

Let us know which animals you want to see, and we will advise you of the places with the best chance to see your preferences. Sense Africa will design an itinerary for you around these locations to create a wonderful and fulfilling holiday. Unfortunately we can not guarantee sightings, but we will give you the best chance possible.

Remember Other Wildlife

Sense Africa recommends that you make sure that you’re not too obsessed in seeing the Big Five. It is important to pay attention to the other amazing sights and sounds that Africa has to offer. For example, don’t forget to give some time to giraffe, zebra and impala as well as all the birds and the smaller animals and fascinating invertebrates. There is simply too much, at times, to take it all in.

What Past Guests Say

Lucy Cullen

Thank you very much for a really amazing trip.

We will never forget our trip, especially the rhino walking safari.”



Track the Big Five on a Big Five Safari.

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