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Bird Watching Safari

“I am a twitcher and proud of it. I probably wouldn’t be if I hadn’t worked and lived in Africa. As soon as I saw my first lilac breasted roller I was hooked. The birds are so colourful and vibrant, and many have intriguing folklore based around them. Sense Africa provides a bird watching safari to maximise your exposure to the extraordinary wealth of birds that Africa has to offer” Jenny Bowen, Director and founder.

Why Bird Watching in Africa?

If you are a keen birdwatcher, travelling in southern Africa on a bird watching safari is the ultimate holiday. The variety of avifauna is tremendous, especially during the summer season when there are not only the residents but also a plethora of migratory birds as well.

Which birds do you specifically want to see?  Let us know.

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Bird watching on safari

A Passion for Birds

We understand the love of birding and know where the best sightings in southern Africa are. Whether you want to see the narina trogon, flamingoes or nesting white backed vultures, we can arrange a holiday that best suits you. Learn the calls of the more obscure birds, watch waders at waterholes and walk in the highveld to get a large diversity of birdlife, we can suggest ideas to satisfy your needs as avid birdwatchers.

And even if you are not a birding fanatic, after time in Africa you will begin to notice these flamboyant animals with their quirky mannerisms and the associated wonderful stories. It is hard not to take an interest!

What Past Guests Say

George and Annie Miles-Eves – 2014

It’s a hackneyed phrase, but it truly was the “holiday of a lifetime”.  

We were so impressed with your many skills (Jenny): speaking Swazi, tracking & identifying animals & birds (not to mention bugs & snakes), organising all the drivers & vehicles & accommodation & meals, and of course most importantly, your patience with people & your ever-present sense of humour.

We would recommend this holiday to anyone.”


Get those binoculars out!

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