Community project in Africa with Sense Africa

Community project in Africa

Joining a worthwhile community project in Africa is exceptionally rewarding for everyone involved.

Sense Africa is proud of the strength of its community projects, which we’d love to help you to get involved with. These projects are genuinely needed by local people and truly benefit those communities. We’re also involved in a number of incredibly worthwhile and rewarding conservation initiatives. Speak to us and we can discuss further.

Our project partners are long-standing relationships. They carefully and thoughtfully organise these projects. This means that we’re confident they will be managed well.

We conduct a thorough review and get to know your strengths. The projects we recommend will have you in mind, taking into account your skills, knowledge and expertise. We give equal importance to the needs of the project as it is critical that everyone gets the most out of the experience. It is a cultural exchange, in both directions. 

Sense Africa can also arrange volunteer opportunities for larger groups, such as student expeditions. So get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

Volunteer for a community project in Africa

Community Project Ideas

Previous community projects in Africa have included:

  • Building classrooms
  • Assisting at feeding points for orphaned and vulnerable children
  • Scientific survey work
  • Small lectures in local schools
  • 24-hour game counts
  • Digging latrines
  • Working in primary schools
  • Creation of educational materials.

What Past Guests Say

Sarah Jones

Sense Africa is a company that provides unmissable opportunities.

Their organisation is impeccable and the whole trip ran so smoothly. They allowed us to help locals on a direct level whilst having so much fun and creating so many amazing memories and leaving us with stories to dine out on for a lifetime! Thank you so very much for everything.”                                                                                                           


We kindly ask for donations towards these projects, to ensure that the project is properly completed and meets its objectives.

Make a difference to yourself and others.

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