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Cultural Holiday

“Whenever I go to Africa I feel as if I am going home – not for the wildlife or the scenery, but for the people who live there. I have included cultural holiday options for Sense Africa’s guests because of my own experiences living in Africa for over 20 years.  There are so many friends that I have made, personally and through work, and places that I have called home. The communities that I work with give me an enormous sense of well-being. I want to share that experience with you.” Jenny Bowen, Director and founder.

Local Culture for a Cultural Holiday 

Interacting and understanding the local culture is an essential part of a cultural holiday to Africa. There are lots of options, for example:

  • Spend time visiting a local school
  • Be part of a church service
  • Watch singing and dancing around the camp fire
  • Have the bones thrown for you by a traditional healer
  • Meet villagers near where you are staying.

Cultural dancing and singing in Africa

Responsible Interactions

Sense Africa encourages mutual cultural exchanges between visitors and locals – thus enhancing everyone’s day, and maybe even life. Let us know what you would like to experience and we can find options for you. We ensure cultural holidays are always delivered in a culturally sensitive way so that everyone benefits. Sense Africa supports a number of projects in rural Swaziland, so call us to discuss and we can let you know more information.

What Past Guests Say

Dave and Lori Thomas
Sense Africa guests on a cultural holiday.“Getting from A to B is not important, it’s what you see during the journey that makes it all worth while.

During our journeys your infectious enthusiasm, specialist knowledge, love of Africa and Swaziland – its people, culture and wildlife in particular, illustrated Sense Africa is pertinently named as our senses are still buzzing from our experiences.

Thank you.”


A cultural holiday will be a memorable part of your African experience.

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