Photographic Safari to Eswatini Swaziland | Sense Africa

11 Night Photographic Safari In Swaziland 2019

Eswatini (Swaziland) is little more than a pinprick on an African map, but when it comes to beauty it packs a punch and is perfect for a photographic safari. Its highveld mountain ranges span as far as the eye can see. Whilst in the foreground, zebra roam and antelope graze. The lowveld savanna has great opportunities to photograph some of the Big Five, close up and personal.

Swaziland has a slow and gentle pace, plus an abundance of interesting sights to capture; it is a photographer’s paradise. For beginners through to intermediate photographers, Margaret Soraya will run workshops including wildlife, landscape, people, time-lapse and long exposure demos.

Sense Africa understands the needs of a photographic safari:

  • a knowledgeable photographic expert, Margaret Soraya
  • an experienced guide, Jenny Bowen
  • the chance to get up close and personal with wildlife
  • contrasts in scenery and light
  • cultural opportunities that are not intrusive
  • window seats for everyone
  • unique and inspiring accommodation with access to electricity.

See some of the more unusual sights of Africa and get up close and personal with wildlife.

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