About Mozambique

Mozambique is famous for its pristine coastline, white sandy beaches and azure blue sea. It is an idyllic getaway for those who want to escape the trappings of tourism and spend time on private islands and remote beaches. Mozambique boasts excellent water activities like diving, fishing and swimming, not to mention wonderfully fresh seafood and delicious prawns hauled providing sumptuous meals. On one of our bespoke Mozambique beach safaris you can find yourself enjoying all that this breath-taking country has to offer.

Mozambique wildlife & unique game parks

Mozambique is a relatively new destination and apart from the idyllic islands the other main tourist attraction are the astounding game parks. These wilderness areas have remained untouched by tourism and the parks still retain an element of inaccessibility ensuring that Mozambique’s parks hold an element of true African wilderness.

Mozambique will enrich your senses

There is also a vibrant air to Mozambique, incorporating the colourful clothing, funky music and an exuberance for life that permeates the country. The music is mesmerising and lively and it is easy to become swept up in the passion and buzz of Mozambique.

Mozambique is not just a safari travel destination, it is a once-in-a-lifetime African holiday. Treat yourself to a Mozambique beach safari combination. Only the adventurous and those wanting to experience an unspoilt paradise should visit.

Sense Africa works closely with Bristol Beira in assisting with support, day visits and projects. We can arrange worthwhile and informative visits for you. We can help you with luxury beach accommodation, the highlights of Mozambique, and much more!

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